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Formidable forms can do so much it is amazing. I have created huge forms and quizzes and more. It’s a great plugin and I have not had any issues – been using it for years and it is the only form builder I now use.


The Best WP Form. If you want to see the power of Formidable Forms, upgrade to the pro version. Then you will know that your imaginations are only your limitations.

Rex AZ

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of quizzes can you make with this plugin?

Our quiz maker can be used to create just about any type of quiz you can conceive of. Popular quiz types you can build include personality quizzes, educational quizzes, ecommerce quizzes, trivia quizzes, and viral quizzes.

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Can you embed Formidable Forms into social media?

A Formidable quiz cannot be “embedded” into social media platforms directly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t share the page where you are hosting the quiz!

Can you create a “riddle quiz” with Formidable?

Yes! The great thing about our quiz builder is that you are able to create any type of quiz imaginable. You choose the question fields and build your quiz form however you want. You can even add conditional logic to create a chained quiz for a riddle that can evolve over several questions!

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Are there any Formidable Quiz Maker tutorials?

We sure do. Check out our blog and either search or scroll for helpful WordPress tutorials, including several quiz making tutorials.

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Is Formidable the best quiz maker plugin for WordPress?

We certainly think so - but why not see for yourself? See how we stack up against the competition in the post below.

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Will Formidable work well with my WordPress theme?

Our team prides itself on how compatible our plugins are with every major theme on the market. If compatibility issues come up, our humble-yet-mighty support team is here to help!

Can I run online exams with this WordPress quiz maker plugin?

Absolutely yes! The Formidable Quiz Maker can create anything from a 3 question quiz to a massive final exam. There’s technically no limit to the number of questions and/or pages you can add to your exam.

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Can your quiz maker work with LMS (Learning Management Systems) sites?

For sure it can. If the LMS you are using doesn’t have the best quiz builder or form builder, you can create those with Formidable and run the rest of your learning site with the LMS. Our plugin has been used with many LMS options, and has been tested extensively with MemberPress for example.

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What grading & scoring options are available in your quiz maker?

If you are wondering how grading & scoring are set up, take a look at these example steps below:

  • Create a Formidable form, and add an entry as the quiz key.
  • Automatically score quizzes based on the selected quiz key.
  • Set a custom grading scale, or use the default scale.
  • After a quiz is submitted, show the score in an email, in the success message, or in a View.
  • Format the displayed quiz scores in several ways: the correct answer count, percentage correct, letter grade, or the fraction correct (ie 9/10).

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Is Formidable a free WordPress quiz plugin?

The Formidable Quiz Maker add-on is free to users with our Business Plan. This plan not only gives you everything you need to create powerful quizzes, it also gives you the ability to create just about any form you’d need for your WordPress site.

It’s not free, but most online quiz makers aren’t. Most online quiz makers don’t come with a powerful form builder included either 😊

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